Recap: The extraordinary journey into cybersecurity with Sonya Moisset

Becoming a well-rounded engineer usually requires you to cover a lot of skills. In this talk we speak about the essentials.

For beginners it might be overwhelming to understand what you need to learn and how everything gets together at the end.


Topics covered during this talk:

  • What it means to be an engineer nowadays & what are the expectations from a company (technical skills, soft skills, tools, Agile methodologies)
  • How to build or improve your brand as an engineer
  • How to stay focused when there are so many things to learn and avoid rabbit holes
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity and Web App security



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Sonya Moisset

Sonya is a lifelong traveler who lived in the Middle-East, North Africa and Asia and is always looking for new challenges. She has made a career switch from International Business Consultant in Saudi Arabia and Singapore to Full Stack Software Engineer in South Korea to Lead Security Engineer at Photobox Group. Before coming to the UK, she was based in South Korea for 6 years where she learnt Korean and worked for several Korean companies.

Sonya is a Tech Advocate and a public speaker in the UK tech scene. She is also a mentor for women in tech, a cybersecurity writer for FreeCodeCamp publications and an active member of the tech community in London. Her motto is #GetSecure, #BeSecure & #StaySecure

Pronouns. She/Her

Job Title. Lead Security Engineer @ Photobox / Founder of ‘Epic Women in Cyber’ & ‘Epic Women in Tech’


Find Sonya:

LinkedIn: sonyamoisset
Twitter: sonyamoisset
medium: \epicwomenincyber    \epicwomenintech


Women in Cybersecurity with Aishwarya Ravindran

In order to open up the arena to both women who are deep in the industry and women like her trying to make a shift, Aishwarya Ravindran started Munich’s first international women’s group for cyber security related career development. The group is currently 40+ participants large. 

Aishwarya on LinkedIn:
Meet-Up Group Women in Cybersecurity Munich:…
Our interview with her:…
Our #SpeakUp with Aishwarya Ravindran:…


Find Aishwarya:
Instagram: @aishwaryar
Clubhouse: @toosoon
Linkedin: aishr90
Twitter: @phy90


More about Cybersecurity:

How to join the cybersecurity field:…
How to scan your personal profile(with Maltego):…
Other resources to learn cybersecurity related topics:

Another cool community for Women in Cyber Security in Europe:


Women in Tech e.V.

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