Taxdoo donates to Women in Tech e.V. for their 5th anniversary

What is Taxdoo? 

Taxdoo is a fast and sustainably growing start-up based in Hamburg and specializes in the automation of VAT processes as well as financial accounting for online merchants. Since our foundation in 2016 we provide the compliance infrastructure to the world of e-commerce, transforming complex regulations into simple processes.

Through connectors to the popular marketplaces, shop and ERP systems, all transaction data is collected automatically on a daily basis. The automated monitoring and evaluation of data ensures that our cloud based solution detects tax liabilities and helps online merchants to comply with the rules. Our frontend gives merchants and their tax consultants an overview of the processed data which can be easily exported for means of financial accounting.

How did you find out about Women in Tech e.V.?

We celebrated our fifth anniversary in May and were looking out for organizations we can support that reflect our values. As diversity is one of these four values, it was a no-brainer to have Women in Tech as one of the organizations we decided to back.

As a company, how do you want to promote women in technical professions? What is important to you to see more women in fintech?

Firstly, by making technical professions like development and coding visible and accessible to women. This can be achieved by adding coding into curriculums  or to organize  workshops provided for women (at school or extracurricular courses). This way one can foster interest into technical topics early on and support groups which have been historically neglected.

We would like to encourage and promote women in the tech industry by showing them the wide range of possibilities that come from coding; such as what can be achieved and who can be inspired. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in this field and community. By combining teaching and the experiences of women in tech, we constantly learn how to improve and progress.

Which skills does a woman (a man or other non-binary person) need to be able to work in a fintech company like Taxdoo?

At Taxdoo we pay attention to the following three skills:

  • Curiosity
  • Accuracy
  • Speed

Why does Taxdoo support an organization that promotes gender equality, women’s rights and the visibility of women in Tech?

The products we are building are better when more women work on it. We think it’s important to eliminate any barriers that keep interested women from learning to code. That’s why we decided to support Women in Tech.


We thank Taxdoo very much for this generous support and are happy to use the 3,000 Euro donation to implement our statutory purposes.

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