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WIT: Hello, Yashu, please introduce yourself.
Yashu: My name is Yashu Kapila. I am a QA enthusiast and also the CEO of an independent software testing and quality assurance company called BugRaptors. I belong to Firozpur, Punjab, India, also known as the city of martyrs. I completed my Bachelor’s degree from JDIMT (Jeevandeep Institute of Management and Technology) and then had my Masters of Computer Application from the Regional Institute of Management and Technology.

From the earliest days of my college, I was a tech enthusiast and my passion for technology drove me into the QA industry giving me the goal of fostering digital transformations through advanced software testing.

WIT: What is your profession?
Yashu: I am a first-generation entrepreneur and I am associated with IT industry for over 18 years. After serving for various positions varying from Quality Analyst to the Senior Quality Manager, and Vice President, I am presently serving at the position of CEO at BugRaptors.

WIT: What exactly do you do?
Yashu: CEO as we are all familiar with the term defines the Chief Executive Officer of a company or organization. I am responsible for managing the overall operations of the company. This even includes delegating and directing agendas, driving profitability in business, managing the organizational structure, creating business development and resilience strategy, and communicating with the board.

WIT: How did you come to choose a technical profession?
Yashu: As I have said earlier, I was always so keen and passionate about software industry. However, the only thing that fascinated me more than development and coding languages was the need to take the best to people. And therefore, I chose to begin my career with QA profile. Above all, I am extremely happy that I am helping brands across the world to take the best of technology to the real-world users adding value to the lives.

WIT: Who or what inspired you most to choose a technical profession?
Yashu: From the earliest days of my childhood, I was more of a self-driven individual. Though it was extremely inspiring for me to see people like Indra Nooyi, I always wanted to stand apart from the crowd. I wanted to give back to society and that zest and zeal made me find my dream career in the world of Quality Assurance.

WIT: Have you always been interested in technology and / or programming?
Yashu: Indeed, I was extremely fascinated with all the technological advancements happening around. Ever since the introduction of the World Wide Web, I was so curious to explore the digital world and as soon as I finished my studies, I developed a greater sense of direction with steering my career and making way towards digital transformation objectives.

WIT: Did your parents and teachers encourage your love and interest in computers or tech?
Yashu: Of course, I always had a huge support from my family and teachers. When you belong to a small town like Firozpur, aspiring high needs you all the encouragement to live your dreams. Luckily, I was always surrounded with the best people who made me find a way to turn my vision into a reality.

WIT: What do you like most about your job?
Yashu: Though I love my profession in every way, one thing that makes me happy is the feeling of customer delight. It brings me the chance to meet the needs of the clients and help them have the most of their business goals. From applications to website and software, ensuring everything meets the international benchmarks for QA and compliance.

Besides, it has given me a platform to encourage and appreciate women in IT industry. From promoting the leaders to nurturing the skills, being a CEO gives you exposure to train extraordinary workforces.

WIT: What do you think is the best thing about your day-to-day work?
Yashu: The best thing about daily work for me is the interactions that I have with my team and clients. It is a feeling of being alive and more of satisfaction that keeps me motivated. More importantly, being a CEO brings you different exposure to cultures and values while promoting the idea of diversity.

WIT: Where are you most likely to be found in your free time?
Yashu: Since I am a mother of two, I love to spend maximum hours with my kids in my spare time. Besides, I always try to keep my spare time productive by reading books and spending time on self-analysis. I believe books brings us all the wisdom and exposure that we need to bring direction to our lives while spending time with your loved ones brings you all the positivity that you need to keep moving forward.

WIT: What message would you like to give to women or girls who are interested in technology?
Yashu: If it is something that I would like to convey to women in the technology sector, I would say that being a working woman brings you the chance to form a stronger network. It gives you the opportunity to create your name and inspire other women from all backgrounds to live their interests. Even if you make mistakes in your team, it brings you the experience to guide others from making the same mistakes and rather be on a path that is productive. Women in technology is all about inspiring collaborations that can set examples to excel the world.

WIT: What advice do you still follow today?
Yashu: Since the earliest times of my childhood, I was always taught the lesson of networking by my father. I believe that is the best advice that I have kept with me till today. Being a successful CEO is not a one-person game as it is not about your own success but rather cultivating success for all including your clients and employees.

Thus, networking helps us to choose mentors and leaders that have their own unique mindset on growth. In short, the fastest way to growth is having people with honest values around you who could help you explore new dimensions giving a different perspective on what is happening and what can be done?

WIT: What challenges do you face as a woman in your job?
Yashu: Being a women CEO was initially a bit challenging. Either it is the initial work life balance or networking in a male dominated environment, I was surrounded by so many different challenges. Either it is societal stereotypes or preconceived notion, women in technology sector have to struggle with expectations that are set lower as compared to men.

But as they say, only those who can turn challenges into opportunities are meant to survive. I believe being a women leader gives you a better chance of being remembered in a room full of male leaders. I believe being a women leader gives you a better chance of being remembered in a room. Besides, women have a naturally strong instinct and a greater level of emotional intelligence that helps to take best decisions even in the most stressful situations.

All in all, what women need to do to overcome any challenges they face is just to believe in themselves.

WIT: What tips do you have for interviews for technical positions?
Yashu: I personally believe that every person has its own unique qualities and skills that make them suitable for a particular position. However, the most impact that you can create when in a technical interview is to have a strong elevator pitch on how you can add value to an already existing technical process of any organization.

On top of that, you can have your own list of measured and accomplished benchmarks that you achieved with time to help the organization understand your passion and dedication towards technical tasks that are demanding.

WIT: Unfortunately, women in technical professions are still a minority. What are your thoughts on the subject?
Yashu: I think I have a slight difference of opinion here. As per my perspective women in technical professions are doing extraordinary things bringing all the necessary recognition they need. It is just the fact that the women in technical professions are less in number as compared to men, making them fall short on achievements to highlight.

All we need is to encourage and empower more women to choose technical skills for making remarkable professional journeys. It is more about balancing the number of men and women into the technical environment.

WIT: What connects you with women in tech?
Yashu: If I need to specifically highlight some factors that all women in technology share with each other, it would only be the struggle to balance the work and personal life while the urge to take over all the societal notions that pull women behind.

But one thing that could help you achieve the heights of success is the support of your loved ones and having the right network that can help you with mentorship when you need to take over all the hurdles that resist you on achieving extraordinary things.

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